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Karo Co.,Ltd can provide or arrange a variety of additional services relating the tool making and precision molding of the plastic details. With the finalization and assembly services as well as various decoration methods. We are proud that BF Tooling is a full-service supplier, a company that follows commitments from the beginning to end.
● Ultra-sonic welding
● Multi component assembly
● Inserts and metals installs
● Hardware installs
● Pad printing
● Silk printing
● Bronzing
● Labeling
● Tagging
What`s more, Karo Tooling is: SLA, SLS or CNC machining for prototyping. Aluminum, Zinc and Copper alloy for Die casting. HDPE, PP and ABS for blow molding.
Die casting
Besides tooling and molding services, we also assist our customer manufacturing various die casting molds.BF Tooling builds die-casts for Aluminum, Zinc and Copper alloy molding. This is a way for us to fully take advantage of our metal and engineering expertise and fully support our clients.